What you can do with offshore companies in Seychelles

Offshore companies in Seychelles, as well as others incorporated in tax havens, offer anonymity to partners and, by operating from offshore jurisdictions, limit the liability of shareholders by reducing or, in many cases, eliminating the burden tax These companies can be used for all activities that can be handled from abroad. When working with them it is not necessary to issue invoices or have accounting.

Seychelles is a group of 115 islands located in the Indian Ocean, northeast of Madagascar. In general, this country does not reach media headlines because it has a stable political situation, although economic problems persist.

Offshore companies accordance with the law

The offshore companies there are exempt from taxes in accordance with the Law of International Commercial Companies, of 1994. With them, the client is not forced to present an annual balance or declare taxes. In addition, they can be administered from any location in the world.

The statute of Seychelles offshore companies states that it is only necessary to have a director and the shares can be registered or bearer. With an offshore company in Seychelles it is possible to open bank accounts abroad, carry out stock exchange investments without the name of the true beneficiary appearing anywhere.

In addition, with an offshore company in Seychelles it is possible to participate in national companies and the true partners will not appear, thus reducing notary costs.

The Seychelles offshore company also allows you to buy and sell merchandise to your own national or other company and invoice the most convenient price; In addition, this society can better protect the assets of the person abroad.

Apply now for an offshore company

The price of incorporation of an offshore company of Seychelles is 1100 Euros and this figure includes all expenses. It is a reasonable price if you take into account the advantages obtained with an offshore company in Seychelles.

Seychelles offshore companies operate similarly to offshore companies in Panama, but the renowned law firm Caporaso & Partners recommends incorporating offshore companies of Panama, from several elements that tip the balance towards the Panamanian side. 

Panama has shown political stability for more than two decades, its economic growth has been continuous and today is a reference not only for the Latin American region; In addition, it is a country with large air connections, from the Tocumen airport hub and telecommunications work perfectly. In addition, more than 150 banks work in Panama and the Isthmus has become one of the most important banking centers in the world. 

To all the political and economic advantages, joins that the law firm Caporaso & Partners, from its headquarters in Panama, is able to streamline all procedures for the incorporation of the offshore company in Panama. This firm can offer ancillary services that make a difference, such as the issuance of certificates, notorized documents, in addition, include the formation of a virtual office and the use of virtual telephone numbers that facilitate the work of offshore companies in Panama.